People! Sup, it’s Juaso. I see a bunch of people making sites and asking me for help. I’ve realized that the more followers I get, the harder it is to reply and the easier it is to get burnt out. SO! These are the 5 things you need to know before making a site. 

#1. Don’t set yourself up to get sued.

I know you like Dragonball, I know you like Naruto, I know you like One Piece. I know you see ads with a bunch of bootleg merch, But! The time of free market bootlegging is limited. If you blow up from your bootlegged merch, Toei or Viz is gonna Detroit Smash you with a cease and desist and you’re getting all that bread taken. It hasn’t happened yet tho, so take your chances if you feel so inclined. 

#2. Pick a community and live in it. 

The smart people call it "target marketing". Find the people you wanna sell stuff to and become one of them. Remember though, these are communities. If you’re not an active participant, you can be seen as a scavenger or opportunist. Like, comment, share, all that good stuff. 

#3. Support stuff you actually like. 

Being fake is draining. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by people you respect and can grow with. There’s nothing greater than creating dope projects with people who are as driven as hardworking as you.

#4. Last but not least, find amazing people that are slept on. 

If you find somebody dope and support them from the very beginning, when they hit upgrades you hit upgrades.

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

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