Lee Juaso

The diabolical introvert you see today only exists to make dope work without burning out. The goal is iconic designs like the Melanin, Black love, and Greatness collections. If there is illustration, careful attention is paid to composition, shapes, and colors. This efficiency allows time for creating manga and anime creatively sourced by you. Check my instagram!


Crumsart! King of Melanated Fan Art, protector of the cookie village. He's one of the pioneers of using iconic shapes and hair jewelry in black character designs. Also, every piece of his is hand drawn with expensive copic markers.  He's blessed us with numerous amazing pieces, and thanks he even slides us new work when you tag us asking for it. Go and see his instagram for more!


Artkid Kuda

The King of Afrofuturism and creator of Blue Horizon, Kudakwashe Machekano is a Zimbabwean-American artist that's lived all over the world- and his art shows it. There's elements of african folklore, steampunk, indigenous influences, and anime (obviously) in his work. He's blessed us with original work from his series Blue Horizon, and a whole vault of art I haven't even drawn yet. See his dope work on his instagram!

Soul Force

Our collaboration with the Tik Tok Hokage Soultayshi, fuels the next generation of young content creators. If we get his merch supported, we open the door to collabs with many other collaborators. Tayshi is a member of Shonen Nation, a collective of around 20 content creators with a combined millions of followers. There's no reason these young, talented creators shouldn't be sustained by their far-reaching influence. Get to know him on his instagram!


We were lucky to catch Cocoajuicee early. Her eye for design, art style and use of color are amazing. There's a lot of time to see what she'll come up with and what she'll become with time. Go and see her artwork on her instagram!


Straight from the Ivory Coast, Megakhalil is a young phenom with incredible character designs. He combines african influence, anime, and modern cartoons into designs tackling everything from ninjas to witches to protestors. His raw lines and efficient use of color set all his work apart. Thanks to some of the work we've done with him, he's now brought black anime streetwear to the motherland, with designs available all over the continent. Go and check his instagram!

Oliver Banks

Oliver Banks is an animator, artist, writer, comic creator, and mentor with a wealth of knowledge. His influences come from classic Saturday morning cartoons. He-man, Thundercats, power rangers, the marvel cartoons, and he's studied them to cultivate a treasure chest of amazing work. Peep his work for amazing use of form, shape, and economy. He also has a diverse range of fanart and remixes. You can see all of that on his instagram!

The Black Ninja

Lee Williams, the Black Ninja, is an artist, writer, and martial artist. His collaboration with us features art from the godhand himself, Marcus Williams. This art is used to fund filming equipment, travels, and crazy fight scenes. You like kung fu movies, cool fight scenes, or gripping emotional storytelling? Our collaboration with Lee gives you a chance to help us make that happen. Visit his instagram!

Cosplay Angel

Crazy8thegreat, king of the nerd artists, created a song called "Cosplay Angel". It celebrates women in our community that bless the timeline and our sketchbooks. His work and podcast can be found on streaming services, and all across the internet. Go and see his instagram!